Training and Solutions

We are the counseling-training company. We specialize in:

  • training for sales people, who conduct sales interviews, presentations, negotiations, who have direct relations with their customers, which constitute a decisive factor in the company's corporate image,
  • training courses for every level manager, assessment centre and development centre both for sales representatives and managers (incl. preparation and training managers for being assessors), 
  • selection and recruitment process, trade marketing service (OTC merchandising, gadgets and gifts, POS materials - from project to implementation and execution, service contract providing).

We have reached the highest level of effectiveness in sales training. We have always tried to join the theoretical model with huge hands-on experience and market needs - in order to help our partner who struggles day by day with the market reality. As a result, our Co-operant raises their market effectiveness of his sales departments and motivation for future aims.

Our core competences:

  • comprehensive market practice,
  • high efficiency,
  • extremely close tailoring to the partner,
  • full responsibility for training objectives,
  • focusing on training and couching skills,
  • training courses on the high level performance,
  • hands-on experience in introducing and providing ac and dc
  • in international companies,
  • hands-on experience in introducing and providing recruitment systems,
  • tangible and effective solutions in trade marketing area.

If it weren't for flexibility in tailoring our training to the special needs in different sectors of our Co-operants and our engagement and enthusiasm, our project wouldn't be so successful. Through the audits and joint work we try to get acquainted with the company thoroughly.

We are aware of the distinctions among tobacco, alcohols distributors, pharmaceuticals, retailers and their counterparts in FMCG sector. We are extremely sensitive to the details, thus our training program is so individual and exceptional.

Our education stems from marketing, economy, management and law faculties. Our greatest advantage is wide comprehensive experience gained through different range of positions: sales representatives, mid-level managers, top managers, trainer or sales director. Trainers conducting courses poses vast experience in international concerns.

We have found out, while working at different positions that solely the best and most effective employees are capable of passing on the knowledge together with proper skills. We cooperate with huge number of experienced managers from various sectors. On your request we willingly may present the suitable trainer. In some cases it may turn out that the person with the psychological experience is needed, we are ready immediately to secure training with a person of suitable background.

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Customer Service:

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